Welcome to casa Silorian.

Where we take the time we need to make things to perfection. Where Made in Italy isn’t just a label but everyday art. The practice of generations of skilled hands; seamless reflection of passionate minds. Objects never seen before that live long enough as to become a part of who you are. Things that make each space and moment an experience you want to keep with you.

Home Décor

“il tornabuoni” hotel, florence

Silorian dressed and styled Florence’s landmark hotel “Il Tornabuoni”, designing each detail and single piece of furniture down to carpets, wallpapers, wall hangings and other decorative items. Il Tornabuoni’s interiors stand out for the originality of a décor evocative of a calm and stylized nature ranging from stone to butterflies, where comfort and a tradition set in a contemporary tone welcome the guests.

yellow ‘zig-zag’ wallpaper

From the Neolithic to Knossos and the heraldic coats of arms of all times, the chevron motif is a true classic. Silorian’s “zig-zag” series offers it in different tones and combinations to create the background against which to highlight every choice of furniture.